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Well, if you can’t be bothered doing content – that’s why I’m here

Not EVERYONE enjoys writing and creating content for their business. But YOU KNOW it’s gotta get done; and that’s precicely what I offer. Let me help you craft compelling content that resonates, and in return, builds trust with your audience.

As-salaamu’alaykum, and ahlan, ahlan!

You can call me Khawla, or by my kunya Umm Unays, or ‘sis.’

As a Muslimah with 4 years in content marketing, I offer the expertise to craft compelling content that captivates and engages people from the other side of the screens.

And in return, build that relationship, and make them HIT that ‘buy now’ or ‘book now’ button WITHOUT compromising our values in doing that, insha’Allah.

This approach brings a sense of pride in our business, allowing us to enjoy our earnings, and keeping it blessed, insha’Allah!

Have you ever heard of ‘the customer journey’?

It’s the route a potential customer follows before running for their wallet and HITTING that ‘buy now’ button.

Quality content is so, so important, and I can’t stress that enough! Especially during their ‘consideration stage’.

It serves as their guide from the first spark of interest to sealing the deal, providing valuable information, building trust, and swaying their final decision.

THAT’S my area of expertise, and it’s how I can assist you.

Monthly IG content (basic)


Build your social media presence

14 custom-designed posts per month (graphics, photos, or quotes)

Captions and hashtags tailored for your brand and audience

Engagement monitoring and basic analytics report

Monthly content calendar planning

Website starter kit (basic)


WordPress site content and design development

Customised design templates/themes (homepage, about, services, contact)

Basic content writing for essential pages (up to 5 pages)

Responsive design for mobile optimisation

Basic SEO setup (meta tags, descriptions)

VA monthly retainer package


Enjoy your own personal virtual assistant

20 hrs of dedicated work monthly

Website and blog management

Social media content creation and management

Adminsitative and customer support

The IG Content and Website Starter Kit packages have been popular with my past clients, so they might catch your eye too! But hey, I’m all about customising to your unique needs.

Let’s chat about creating something just for you, insha’Allah

Which platforms I can help you with

I experimented with various platforms, but my true passion lies in IG content marketing and website content!

I use Instagram quite a lot for my businesses; however, like many social media platforms, it’s not that reliable, especially when you’re looking at it long-term.

Forget the constant updates and changes to the algorithm…

What if your account gets suspended without notice?

Or Instagram decides to merge with TikTok? (Oh, the horror!)

That’s why, I prioritise having and maintaining a website to ensure a more dependable online presence.

Having said that, I love Instagram as a means to connect with my audience.

That’s where I come in.

I can handle laying down the content groundwork for your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best —whether it’s working with clients or making and selling products!

I’ve worked on several projects over the years with all sorts of interesting clients. I’ve worked with a doula, beekeepers, real estate agents, personal trainers and some others.

While writing is my greatest passion, I also have an OKAY eye for aesthetics and like to see things nice and pretty.

Nature’s Shop LTD – my family’s business in the UK, offering a range of raw honey.
Hijrah to Morocco – my own project and ongoing passion, insha’Allah.

With Allah’s tawfeeq, I’ve successfully nurtured Instagram pages from 0 – 100 to 1000, even beyond the 2000 mark, purely through organic growth (no paid ads).

Website content starter kit (writing + design)

I’ve assisted clients in building their websites from scratch, ensuring a seamless website launch.

We covered all essential pages, eliminating any ‘to be updated’ or ‘page under maintenance’ messages for a hassle-free experience.

I offer both content writing and the technicalities of creating a WordPress website.

I’m not a web designer, but I do have some tech and design skills, alhamdulillaah; skills I’ve honed from years of being a blogger and not having the budget to hire someone to help me (I enjoy it though!).

Strangers to the UAE
(September 2023)

I’m here to assist you craft website copy that aligns with your brand strategy.

Whether you have existing content that needs enhancement or want to create something entirely new, I’ve got your back, insha’Allah.

“Khawla is hands down the best Assistant I have ever done business with. She is punctual with her projects, professional in her approach to her work and most importantly I can’t remember a time she forgot a task! She is hands down the efficient and most effective Assistant I have ever encountered whether in-house or virtual.”

Jamie Lee Watkins, Real Estate Property Manager
Dubai, UAE

Let’s find joy in running a business

Take the first step in favour of your business! Our consultation call is meant for me to understand your business needs and explore how we can collaborate together.