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16 Important Writing Tasks to Outsource to a Content Writer VA

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Not everyone has the SKILL or TIME to spend on writing for their business. And if you’re a business owner, then you know it’s something that needs to get done.

However, with social media outlets and blog writing to keep up with, on top of keeping up with other aspects of your business – it can easily burn you out.

That’s where a Content Writer VA comes in. She can be your personal writer who does most of your content writing tasks, as well as other specialised tasks that’s within her skillset.

Website copy, blog posts, social media captions – she can craft up amazing content that will leave your audience ENGAGED and TRUST you as an expert in your industry.

What is a Content Writer Virtual Assistant?

As the name implies, Content Writer Virtual Assistant or Virtual Assistant Content Writer is a VA who specialises in content writing and digital marketing.

Writing is her primary skill and she can research, plan and write content for your business, with the goal to build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Besides helping you with writing tasks, she may also have other skill sets and help you with other specialised tasks, such as basic graphic design, administrative tasks and SEO.

Who needs a Content Writer Virtual Assistant?

Anyone who doesn’t have the time to keep up with writing demands their business entails, and doesn’t have the budget to hire a full time writer will benefit from the services offered by a Content Writer VA.

In this post, I break down some of the most important writing tasks you can delegate to a Content Writer VA.

16 Important tasks you can outsource to a Content Writer Virtual Assistant

You can use this list to help you delegate important writing tasks to your Content Writer VA. 

Website Copy

Having an attractive design for your website is great and all, but without engaging quality content your visitors will not stay very long.

You want your website to be both visually appealing and helpful to the visitors. And your Content Writer VA can help you with just that. She can:

#1 Plan content and pages for your website

#2 Write or rewrite existing content on your website pages

#3 Test your website for any errors or typos

#4 SEO optimise your web pages

Blog Posts

A blog is a great way to educate and connect with your audience. Having engaging and educational content based on your product or service places your brand as an expert in your industry.

Your Content Writer VA can research topics concerning your audience pains and try to provide them with solutions through writing.

This is called content marketing, and it’s an important way to stimulate your audience’s interest in your product or services, and increase the chance of them becoming your customers.

Your Content Writer VA can help you with:

#1 Keyword and content research

#2 SEO keyword research and data entry for future use

#3 Plan and draft blog posts

#4 Find images to go with your blog posts

#5 Proofread, edit and rewrite blog posts

#6 Polish blog posts, insert links and get it ready before publishing

Social Media Content

Many of your target audience use social media platforms. It’s important to know where they like to hang out and create a strong social media presence through strategy, planning and creating engaging content that captures attention and piques interest.

Some of the important tasks your Content Writer VA can do include:

#7 Research your target audience preferred social media networks

#8 Brainstorm and create calendar content plan

#9 Create content in batches

#10 Design social media posts

#11 Write social media posts and captions using chosen social media platform guidelines

#12 Schedule social media posts

Email Content

As you build your subscriber list, you want to put some focus on your email marketing. And this can also include a lot of planning and writing.

Your Content Writer VA can:

#13 Brainstorm, plan and make newsletter content calendar

#14 Write email newsletters

#15 Proofread, edit and rewrite newsletter drafts before publishing them

#16 Create email automations such as review request emails, forgotten carts reminder emails, etc.

Other Projects

A Content Writer VA can also help you with projects such as writing an ebook, creating a course, or drafting content for catalogue and brochure.

What is your biggest writing challenge within your business? Share your answer in the comments 🙂

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