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The VA behind Koi Assist


A little bit about me

My name is Khawla (most people pronounce it as Cola) and I’m a British expat residing in UAE. I live in the Emirates with my husband and my three energetic munchkins.

Besides having proficiency in English, I also speak Arabic, Indonesian and basic Japanese.


Professionals I’ve worked with


I have worked with teachers (I’m a qualified Teaching Assistant) in classroom settings. In my teaching assistant career I have helped teach adult ESOL students and primary school children. I thoroughly enjoyed my TA experience.

Fitness Coaches

I mainly did TA as an intern. My first official job I had in the UK was in an all ladies’ gym in Birmingham. I worked there as a receptionist, but also helped fitness professionals and gym clients with their goals.
I learnt a lot from the fitness industry and got to know some inspiring people!

Farmers & Natural Food Suppliers

When I moved to the UAE, I didn’t really fancy getting an on-site job. I pursued my passion for writing and started a blog documenting my experience as an expat. It wasn’t until a few years later my family in the UK recruited me as their social media manager and content creator. I collaborated with beekeepers and farmers to promote lifestyle and products.

Other professionals I’ve worked as a freelancer include Realtors, Health Practitioners and Graphic Designers.


What I like to do

When I’m not working or parenting (which I also enjoy), I take pleasure in shrimp keeping, tending to my little garden and writing for my lifestyle blog.


The idea behind my brand name ‘Koi Assist’

The word ‘koi’ comes from the Japanese koi fish, which are often associated with strength of character, dedication, accomplishment and overcoming adversary.

I thought it aligns with what I believe in and my work ethics.

Other reasons I settled with koi because it’s memorable and it shares the same initial as my name.


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