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7 Benefits of Being a Virtual Assistant

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Are you thinking about becoming a Virtual Assistant? If you have a set of skills that you want to put to good use but not confident to call yourself an ‘expert’, then being a VA can be a good place to start.

You can get start earning AND exploring your true passion at the same time.

You don’t need a degree.

You don’t need special training.

ALL you need is a business and growth mindset to start.

I can talk to you ALL day about why I love being a Virtual Assistant. In this post, I share 7 benefits of being a Virtual Assistant and why you should consider becoming one!

The Virtual Assistant industry is booming. And for the right reasons. Many business owners are needing a more cost-effective way to free up their workload.

The traditional way of recruiting and onboarding employees is time-consuming.

Not to mention that hiring an onsite assistant comes with many other expenses many solo entrepreneurs and startup businesses are not ready to cover.

That’s when Virtual Assistants come to the rescue.

Briefly speaking, they’re remote freelancers with various experiences and skill sets ready to offer their services to these businesses.

You don’t need a qualification or degree to be a Virtual Assistant.

You don’t need years of training or experience to be one, either.

“That’s amazing.”

Yes, I know.

To be able to work as a VA, all you need are:

  • a good Wi-Fi connection
  • a reliable laptop
  • and a few skills you can offer as your services

Oh, and you need some skills to market yourself and find clients. 

But let me tell you, kickstarting my Virtual Assistant business has been the best decision I made recently.

That’s why today, I want to share 7 benefits of being a virtual assistant, and also convince you to become one in the process *wink* *wink*.

That is to say if you’re not one already.

You don’t need a college or university degree 

benefits of being a Virtual Assistant

As someone who doesn’t have a high education degree, this was a major breakthrough for me.

I wanted to have a bit of financial freedom, but I didn’t have an education degree and extensive onsite working experiences to boast about in my job applications.

Similarly, I didn’t want to spend so much money and time on a qualification degree and then only have a slight chance of landing a job after. 

I love writing. Writing letters, articles, sales copy…

To be able to earn as a freelance writer, that’s a dream come true.

However, I wasn’t sure if my writing skills were good enough to offer my services as a writer. 

Seeing all these successful writers on freelance platforms with linguistic degrees and a background in journalism was a bit demotivating, thinking I was no match.

That’s why when I learnt that you can be a Virtual Assistant who specialises in writing I was thrilled.

I can offer my writing skills in my Virtual Assistant packages and people wouldn’t feel the need to see my professional background credentials in writing.

Take that!

Your experience and skills are valuable

benefits of being a Virtual Assistant

Say you wanted to become a therapist and proceeded to study psychology and got a master’s (wow, congrats).

But then after you get your degree you’re like,

“Screw this! I don’t want to be spending my days listening to people’s problems!”

Well, it happens.

I wanted to become a teacher many years ago. That is until I saw the stress and bullying teachers go through and then decided that it wasn’t for me.

Was that a waste of time and money?

Nope. It doesn’t have to be.

When you become a Virtual Assistant, you take those knowledge and skills.

As someone who has an education background in psychology, you can become a specialised VA who works with clinicafl psychologists or psychology book authors (examples I can think of).

You can proofread their essays, manage their social media, help them write emails, manage their website and blogs, etc. anything and everything besides dealing with the patients/clients directly.

These professionals would love to work with you because your interest and past education align with their profession, making it easier for both parties to understand each other and work together.

Likewise, as a self-proclaimed blogger, my services would be valuable to bloggers and business owners that need help with their blogs.

You can work from anywhere

benefits of being a Virtual Assistant

Being ‘virtual’ means you can work remotely from anywhere. As long as you have your laptop/tablet and have WI-FI access you can work in your car, cafe, or the kitchen while preparing dinner.

You’re saving money, time, AND mental energy that would have otherwise been spent on a mere commute each day.

I remember the time I had to commute to work.

Getting up earlier than desired, having to get ready, and running out the door to catch the 7 o’clock bus.

Now as a mom, I can’t even imagine having to worry about daycare AND commuting to work.

I love taking a break from work and being able to go to the kids’ room to check up on them, something I’d have to sacrifice being an employee at an onsite job.

You get to be your own boss

benefits of being a Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant means you’re not tied to any company or anyone.

You’re your own boss and get to decide what goes and stays in your business.

You don’t have to tolerate bad clients. If you feel down the line you don’t want to work with a particular client who turned into a devil client, you can simply tell them you no longer wish to work with them.

Being in your own business means you have that kind of power.

As a business owner, you get to choose how many hours you want to put in each day.

Want to take your kids to that event next Monday?

Do it.

No need to get permission from an inline manager or the HR department.

You can choose what services to offer

benefits of being a Virtual Assistant

Based on your education and experience, you have various skill sets you can offer as a Virtual Assistant.

Not everything you can do means you enjoy doing it.

Being a virtual assistant means you get to choose what services to offer.

Say you know how to do excel spreadsheets, but are not necessarily fond of it. Simply don’t list it in the services that you offer.

You’re never bored

benefits of being a Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant, you’re always working with different people and on different projects.

One day you will be proofreading documents. Another day you’re designing some social media posts.

In my time as a Virtual Assistant, I have worked with people from different backgrounds and professions.

I have worked with a fisherman, a personal trainer, a real estate agent, a marketing agency, and even an influencer.

All of those people had different tasks for me, which I really like and keeps me motivated.

You have unlimited income potential

benefits of being a Virtual Assistant

When you work at a job, you most likely have a fixed salary.

Working harder will give you a slight chance at best to get a promotion, a raise, or a bonus.

When you work as a freelance Virtual Assistant, your income is based on the work you do, how many clients you can find, and how much time you’re willing to spend to up your game.

For example, I started offering my Virtual Assistant services on Fiverr.

When I started getting more serious buyers, I wanted to have more control over my revenue and my services.

That’s when I decided to spend more of my time in research and learning to open up my VA business professionally.

I ended up spending a little money to invest in hosting and creating a website for my business. I plan to build a reputation through my blog and attract more high-paying clients.

And… that’s it!

That sums up my top 7 reasons why I love being a virtual assistant!

Do you agree with this list? Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂

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6 thoughts on “7 Benefits of Being a Virtual Assistant”

  1. Congrate for your first blog post. I enjoyed reading it, gives me more ideas about va.

    Looking forward for more blog post.

        1. 😆🤣 I hope you really are! Lol but yes, it’s a a nice and a minimal stress profession to be in. Before jumping into it, I advise to start by learning more about VA and the VA industry first. It took me about five months before I decided to pursue it professionally.

          When you do decide to open up, let me know! I’d love to share some tips and tricks ^^

  2. This was a great read!
    There are so many advantages to being a VA, and this blog listed some of the key ones. Sure, it’s not all perfect, and it’s not for everyone. But for those who can, it’s a great opportunity!

    Freedom and flexibility are key elements, especially these days, with the world recovering from Covid-19. Many people are dreading resuming their pre-covid work lives, while for VAs, it’s business as usual!

    Thanks for sharing your inspirational journey, and congratulations!

    1. Thank you, Rashidah! Yes, for sure it’s not for everyone. When you transition into becoming a freelance VA, there are a lot to sacrifice from what you’d normally get as a normal employee: insurance, holiday pay, sick leaves, gratuity, etc. All of which you’ll have to start covering yourself.

      Many people don’t talk about it, but there are many businesses out there that don’t even cover those things anyways (doing things off the books).
      I once had a job where I couldn’t afford being sick… they simply chose not to pay me when I had to stay home to quarantine.
      For someone who has to transition from this type of work environments, they’re not missing out on much.

      I enjoyed writing this, and I hope you come back for my future blog posts 🙂

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