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How to Get 5-Star Reviews on Fiverr

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Getting 5-star reviews on Fiverr helps build your reputation as a seller and can help increase conversions

I know how disheartening it can be, especially as a new seller, when you work really hard and don’t get any reviews on your completed orders.

Per Fiverr’s terms and conditions, you should never ask for a rating. However, you can improve your chances of getting 5 star reviews.

I’ve been a Level 1 seller on the platform for quite some time. In this post, I will share some best practices on how to increase your chances of getting 5 star reviews.

Improve your buyer’s experience

Customer service and excellent communication are just as important as delivering excellent work.

Ensuring your buyer has an outstanding experience throughout their dealings with you will increase the chances of them giving you a 5-star rating.

Here are some tips:

Tip #1 Respond promptly even if you’re busy

I don’t mean to leave everything you’re doing and deal with the buyer. Sometimes you’re in the middle of something and can’t give your full attention to the buyer.

However, when you see a message, and if possible let them know you saw their message and will get back to them soon. Here are some examples on how you can do this:

“Hi Jessica, thank you for your message! I can’t respond properly right now, but I’ll get back to you asap.”

“Hello Omar, thank you for the additional information! I’m in the middle of something atm. I’ll get back to you asap when I login to my laptop.”

You can create a custom quick response on Fiverr, so you don’t have to type out each time you see a message.

Tip #2 Brief them about your progress

If you have a longer delivery time, you might want to keep your buyer updated about your progress.

By doing so you’re reassuring your buyer that you’re working on the project, and sometimes even asking them about the work can make them feel involved.

Tip #3 Thank your buyer for their order

Each time you get an order, say thank you to the buyer for ordering your gig. Also let them know when you will be starting on the order.

When I buy something online, I like to check my email for order confirmation.

By acknowledging the order, you’re giving your buyer a peace of mind.

“Hello samurai112, thank you for placing an order for my gig! It’s getting a bit late here, so I’ll be starting this first thing tomorrow morning. If you have any questions or additional information for your order, do share the details here.”

Tip #4 Deliver much earlier than the deadline

Who wouldn’t be thrilled having their order received a day or two earlier?

By delivering the work faster than expected will be a pleasant surprise to the buyer, and will prompt them to leave you a great feedback.

Just make sure when you do deliver earlier than the delivery due date that it doesn’t affect the quality of your work.

Tip #5 Add a thank you note

This might be a bit extra, but leaving a personalized thank you with the delivery files can leave a good impression.

Sometimes when I have extra time, I use Canva to design a thank you note and send it off with their files.

I don’t know how effective it is, but I believe it highly depends on your niche audience. My brother, who is an artist, used to send off personalized thank you notes with a quick sketch to his Etsy customers. It was a big hit, and they would share photos of their thank you notes in their reviews.

Tip #6 Don’t hesitate to be generous

This does not mean that you are going to spend an extra day to revise the order or spend hours on it.

But if it doesn’t take you a lot to provide some minor edits or send extra files in different formats, why not?

I have a buyer who purchased my social media gig, after designing I could just send him the files I downloaded off Canva. Or I could send him the link to Canva and he can make edits as he wishes.

It was the first time he knew about Canva. He was so happy he gave me a generous tip along with a 5-star review.

Not all buyers will give a review

Let’s face it. Not every buyer who orders from you will give you a review.

Not getting a review doesn’t mean you didn’t do well in your job or they aren’t satisfied with the order. Sometimes they just don’t leave a review and there can be multiple reasons behind it.

Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • Busy.
  • Non tech-savvy person.
  • It’s just not something they do (not everybody is a good Samaritan).

Did you find these tips helpful? If you have any additional tips, share down in the comments!

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