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My Story

Hiyya there! I appreciate you dropping by!

If you missed it, my name is Khawla, but you can call me sis or Umm Unays. I’m from Birmingham, UK, but alhamdulillaah, Allah has blessed me with the ability to move, and I’m currently living in the UAE. I’ve been for the last 7 years, enjoying the roles of a housewife, a mother and an entrepenuer.

If you’re here, then I’m sure you’re like me: you want a bit of financial freedom, whether you want to maintain the expat lifestyle, don’t like the idea of one source income or just want to increase your wealth.

You’re also someone who knows what you’re capable of, but also acknowledge the stuff you’re not so great at.

A bit dull, right?

I’m sure you and I can agree: what’s the fun in a world like that?

A little about me, I’m someone who has always felt awkward speaking in a group. I remember when I had to speak in front of the whole class. My voice trembled, my palm became sweaty and I felt I wanted to cry.

Even until today, I can never do it: I’d break down in tears. But you know what? I’m totally okay with it. Because, Allah has blessed me with finding ease in expressing myself in writing. I’ve always been passionate about writing, ever since I was 10. I find such comfort and joy in it.

As a teenager, I used to write letters: a lot of them. Until I became good at it without realising it, alhamdulillaah. I’d send them to family and friends in other countries. Sometimes I’d get a reply, and that made me crazy happy!

A close friend of mine years later told me that her mum, who was an English teacher at a University, said after receiving a letter from me, “And that’s how a letter should be written.” (and that gave me a boost to my low-self confidience!)

I’m so grateful to Allah for blessing me with this gift, and allowing me to share the gift with others.

I kinda diverted from writing emails to writing posts on social media. I’d share some real-life stories with family and friends on Facebook; what happened in a bus on my way home, how some mice got into some goodies my mum sent, etc. They were trivial things. But I had a way with words and telling them that made them entertaining (tawfeeq from Allah).

My oldest brother had a honey business in Birmingham during that period. He’d read my posts and saw a potential of putting my skills to better use. At the time, I never thought I could make a living from just writing. I thought the only way you could make money with writing is by becoming a book author (I couldn’t be more wrong!).

So when my family’s honey business grew in 2019, my oldest brother reached out to me. He said he needed someone to manage their Instagram business page, write engaging content and build their business’ online presence. I wanted a bit of a side income, so I jumped right in.

What began as a role in a family business eventually turned into a passion. There’s something truly special about creating content that captures attention, is valuable, and influences the audience—whether it builds trust or prompts them to take action.

Seeking to build my skills in content creation, I delved into courses on digital marketing and strove in applying what I learnt. Eventually, I didn’t fancy the idea of being tied to a single income source, so I started my own business — enter Koi Assist.

I worked with various clients and businesses since I started my business. Among them are doulas, personal trainers, beekeepers, fishermen, real estate agents and writers. While some have been occasional or one-time projects, others have been recurring clients.

My mission? To assist businesses like yours with the content side of things. Because let’s face it, when you’re eyeing a product or service, it’s not just the ‘buy now’ button or flashy images that seal the deal. Quality content IS the trusty bridge—it helps you trust the brand, believe in their expertise, and make that confident purchase.

If you’re a Muslim business owner, aiming for halal success but struggling with content creation, I’m here to lend a hand.

Interested in working with me?