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8 Easy Steps to Optimise Your Instagram Profile for Your Business

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Think of your Instagram profile as a store located on a busy street.

If your store looks unprofessional or your brand message is not clear, people will merely glance at it and keep on walking.

Having a fully optimised Instagram profile is important if you’re trying to gain leads, followers or attract visitors to your website.

Today, I want to show you 8 actionable steps you can do right now to fully optimize your Instagram profile for your business.

After following these steps, you will have a much higher chance of turning your profile visitors into potential customers.

Step #1: Make sure you’re using Instagram for business

It might be obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many people use their personal Instagram for their business.

Double check and confirm you’re using Instagram for business.

By opting for this option, you’ll have access to the creator’s tools and analytics, which is extremely important when growing your business on Instagram.

The analytics dashboard helps you determine things like which posts have higher engagement, what kind of content you need to post more frequently, how your ad is performing, etc.

Step #2: Use easy-to-spell usernames and avoid special characters if possible

Your Instagram username has to be easy to type. People often struggle to remember what special characters are used in a username, so it’s better to avoid it if you can.

Most of the times you may find that your desired username is already taken. And adding a special character may be necessary. In this case, try to use only one and add it at the end of your username.

I have seen many big accounts using special characters, so it shouldn’t be a big issue if you are already using it or decided to use it 🙂

Step #3: Update your branded profile photo

Your profile photo appears when you comment, when you post, when you appear on people’s notifications, etc.

So it’s important to make it visually appealing, and memorable and express the feel of your brand.

Assuming you have your logo up, is the image text clear? Do the colours complement each other?

When you’re designing your logo, make sure it looks great even when it’s small.

Step #4: Use relevant keywords for your business in the name section of your profile

The name section of your profile is not just a brand name. Add keywords related to your business name that will come up when people search for accounts on Instagram.

When I was working with a retail company selling raw honey, I included ‘raw honey uk’ in the name section.

New customers were able to find us on Instagram using that keyword. They were UK residents trying to find raw honey suppliers in the UK.

Take time to research what your target audience is searching for and craft an Instagram name that will make your business searchable.

Step #5: Decide if you want to add your contact information

Generally, the more options you provide for your potential clients the better.

Now, this is totally up to you and your preference. You can include your phone number and email address for public information, or simply provide alternative ways of contacting you.

Personally, I don’t want to list my email or number to avoid any intrusive promotions or random calls.

If I do decide to include my contact details, I will most likely create a new email address and business phone number specifically for this.

Step #6: Write an informative and compelling bio with added CTA

Writing a good social media copy for your Instagram bio goes a long way.

In 150 characters or less, try crafting up a punchy social media copy that effectively relays to your potential clients what your business is all about. And why should they care.

Consider using emojis to communicate some of your words. Actually, please do.

Here’s an easy formula you can use to create a good Instagram bio:

Formula #1: Write a punchy brand tagline

In a short sentence, effectively explain what your business does and how you can help your potential clients.

Example: “We make your life a tad bit easier with digital creations.”

Formula #2: List a few key features of your business

What are the key features of your business that will help your target market decide that your business is what they are looking for?

Consider things like location, key service or best-selling product you sell, and your company’s value and mission.

Formula #3: Add enticing CTA (Call to Action)

When a visitor visits your Instagram page, think – what you want them to do. Do you want them to visit your website or become a follower?

Add your CTA at the bottom of your bio, just above the link place.

Try to avoid generic CTA phrases like ‘follow me’ or ‘book now.’ Instead, try to be a bit original or entice them with a reason to follow you.

Instead of ‘follow me,’ you can say ‘follow for more SEO tips.’ Using words like ‘free’ or ‘limited’ can also get them to take action.

Step #7: Add a relevant link OR use Linktree to add important links for your business

You only have one place to add your link on Instagram.

Often as business owners, we have more than one link we want to provide our potential customers.

Because Instagram only allows us to provide one link, Linktree is a great way to create a personalized and customisable page to house all of your important links in one place.

You can use Linktree for free. Although they do have paid plans for more customisable options.

Step #8: Organise your stories into highlights and design branded covers

instagram profile of nature's shop uk feautering their highlight covers

If you’re posting stories you can feature them as ‘highlights’ sections on your Instagram.

For service-based businesses, your highlights will probably include things like:

  • Testimonials
  • Services you offer or products you sell
  • FAQ

So when a potential customer lands on your Instagram profile it’s easy for them to navigate through and see if your business is what they need.

You will also want to design customized highlight covers for your Instagram page.

Canva has a huge variety of templates you can use for highlight covers.

Bonus Tip

Last but not least, you want your last 9 feeds to be visiually appealing and cover topics that aligns with your business.

If you’re a doula, you want to make sure there are photos and quotes that will appeal to people who are interested in your service.

Key takeaways

Having a fully optimized Instagram is a great way to increase the chance of turning your visitors into potential customers.

However, please note that it’s not the only way. If you have an e-commerce website and are trying to sell products, you have to make sure your website looks good and the process leading to them purchasing your products is smooth.

Did you find these steps useful? Do you have any other tips to have a stellar Instagram business profile? Share in the comments!

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