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I do a lot of things content marketing related: IG posts (visuals and content), blog, web copy and WordPress design.

You’ll find several of the projects I’ve worked on, each with its own story and style.

You can jump to specific projects by clicking on the project links from the list below:

The Siwak Sis is my dedicated space for my homesteading passion and adventures, covering everything from chicken keeping to desert gardening and sustainable living. From the ground up, I’ve crafted this blog, leveraging SEO techniques and honing my blog writing skills to share valuable insights about life in the UAE and beyond.

Hijrah to Morocco is a venture I’ve started in January 2023 (alias Umm Uwais), after many people we know in the UK have been coming to my family asking for advice about moving to Morocco. Perhaps the best thing I could show for is how I managed (with the tawfeeq of Allah, of course) to nurture this baby from inception.

For this, I created and currently maintaining both an Instagram page and a blog where I share all things related to Hijrah to Morocco.

I didn’t use any music, fancy video, etc. yet because the content was valuable, informative and relatable – Hijrah to Morocco grew very quickly, alhamdulillaah.

Spots Studio

As a contract project manager, I collaborated with Spots Studio and the Abu Dhabi Youth Council to oversee a comprehensive website development project. This involved managing tasks from branding to website development and maintaining communication with key stakeholders throughout the process.

Woke Births

Umm Rashid Chaiya Brown, Founder & Doula of Woke Births

Mariamu PT

For Mariam, I assisted her in developing a fresh new page. Since she lacked established branding, we collaborated closely to establish basic branding elements (I don’t do branding but can make something simple).

Mariam had a clear vision of the fonts and colors she desired, which made things much easier. As for the content, she pretty much had the content ready so I only had to turn it into post and write captions for it.

“It has been nothing but pleasure working with Khawla as I was not in the mood dealing with my social media anymore. So I was very pleased to find out that she was able to put together ideas and inspiration. I’m very pleased with how everything came together, she took time to listen to my ideas and added suggestions that worked perfectly with what I had in mind alhamdulillah. Definitely would recommend her 10/10! Looking forward to more work with Khawla insha’Allah.”

Mariamu Zainati, Holistic Fitness Coach & AirBnB Host

(February 2024)

Strangers to the UAE

Abu Rashid wanted a blog for resources on Muslim expats in the UAE, and I cultivated this website from the basic branding design. The package that he bought included all the essential pages needed before launch:

  • Homepage
  • Legal Pages (Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and Affiliate Disclosure)
  • Blog Section and a Blog Post
  • About Us
  • Start Here
  • Contact Us

For this WordPress site, on top of writing the content, I ensured the installation of essential components such as Google Analytics, a functional contact form, and an aesthetically pleasing footer.

Abu Rashid Sayfallah Brown

(August 2023)

The American Wasta

Mr. Brown needed help for his service-based business targeting UAE clients. I assisted with basic branding and built the website from scratch, making sure all content was ready for launch.

Qadr Brown, HR Specialist & CEO of American Wasta

(July 2023)

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