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One of the reasons I love doing what I do

The best part of being a Virtual Assistant is seeing how my work can positively impact someone’s livelihood and business.

My clients’ happy feedback always makes my day.

Among the testimonials, I also collected my colleagues’ testimonials from previous companies I worked at.

Fatima Adbaidi was my first manager I had in a gym I worked at. And Sam is my brother who recruited me at his raw honey company.

Khawla was a receptionist apprentice in the gym I worked at. I always could count on Khawla for everything, even the tasks she never handled before as she was always keen to learn something new and she was a very quick learner.

Khawla was always ready to go over and beyond. She showed perfect skills in customer service, they always asked for her when I was alone and I always had positive feedback from the customers.

I can’t remember a single time when I was disappointed about Khawla’s ethics and mannerism. Always polite and pacifist.

I always admired her way of organising everything. She never complained about the stress the job brought up, just got along with it.

Fatima Adbaidi

Gym Manager at Premium Fitness (Birmingham, UK)

I saw some of Khawla’s work and thought she has a way with words and creativity. I decided to recruit her as our social media manager. Although she was new to the role, she made sure to put her time and effort into learning all about her responsibilities. She was innovative; always trying out new ways to promote our brand.

At one point she even became our photographer, video editor and graphic designer. She’d go to lengths as a content creator: creating recipes surrounding our product brand, making Instagram reels using the products we sent to her, etc.

Khawla delivered great results and her work created some extra revenue streams for our business.

She’s now our primary copywriter and content creator and is a valuable asset to our company. I highly recommend Khawla to any business owners who need a creative flair for their business.

Sam Elalaoui

Co-Founder and Sales Representative at Amalsons LTD (Birmingham, UK)

My clients are wonderful people

Many of my clients are really good in what they do. They just needed some assistance to be able to shine brightly.

Khawla is very dedicated to her work and it shows in the extra care and detail that she puts in.
From a brief draft that I sent over, she was able to create an interesting intro ‘about me’, to help attract more customers to my business.
She took the time to get to understand me and my business, and asked follow up questions to ensure that the work she produced was tailored to my needs.


Owner of Delish Bakery (Birmingham, UK)

I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is always prompt and delivers exactly what I request. The attention to detail makes her stand out and the work is always very professional. I would use her services again in the future and highly recommend her to anyone in need of a virtual assistant.

Chaiya Umm Rashid

Nurse / Childbirth Educator / Doula at Woke Birth (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

I have used Khawla’s services a couple of times for editing CVs and Cover letters, she has even set up my fiverr account.
Aside from helping a small and upcoming entrepreneur, she really puts in the effort and work and so far I have had my expectations exceeded.

Qadr Brown

HR and General Manager (Dubai, UAE)

My clients words moved you?

Great! To work with me, you can simply request a free consultation. From there, we can determine if we’re a great fit, and hopefully discuss how I can assist you in your business (the fun part).