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Website Content & Design Packages

Having a website for your business has SO many benefits, and I always enjoy having one.

Not everyone has Instagram, TikTok or other social media accounts.

Imagine someone contacting you to see your work and you direct them to your TikTok page, only for them to say they can’t see it because they don’t have Tiktok, or Instagram.

However, almost anybody who has Internet can open a website.

I’ve also seen many businesses who started building a website for their business, but only for it to remain unfinished, and with many ‘coming soon’, or ‘to be updated’ sections or ‘under maintenance’ pages.

When you hire me to do the website for you, my aim is to make it beautifully ready for launch and ready to share, with all the content in place, insha’Allah.



Only basic website content (design not included)

Home page content

About (My Story) content

Services or product page content

Contact page content

Additional page content

Starter Kit


Business site content and design development

Customised design templates/themes (homepage, about, services, contact)

Content writing for essential pages (up to 5 pages)

Responsive design for mobile optimisation

Basic SEO setup (meta tags, descriptions)

Blog Post


Creating valuable content for your audience

Topic research

Implementing your brand voice

Up to 1000 words

SEO keyword research

Do I need to pay upfront?

Yes, I only start the work when I receive the payment. You can choose to pay the full amount upfront, or at least 75% at the start, and the rest when the work is complete.

What site builder do you use?

If you choose the Starter Kit package where I’ll be doing both the content and design, I will be using WordPress to create the website by default.

Of course, I’ll make sure you’re okay with it first, and I’m also happy to show you around on how to use it.

I’ve always used WordPress because I love its flexibility and how customisable it is, but I understand not everyone likes it or keen to learn how to use it. That’s why I’m open to use your preferred website builder such as Wix or even… erm, Weebly (I’d prefer it if you don’t make me, though lol).

Do you provide hosting as well?

At the moment, I don’t. I was offering it to my friends in business, but I realise that if something happens to me, it’ll be difficult to transfer the ownership of their webistes to them. Well, with the current plan I have with Siteground, anyways.

There’s a Siteground plan where I can create website and people can have ownership of the websites, but it’s more expensive. I’ll be considering it for the future, insha’Allah.

Before you purchase the package with me, I do expect you to have your own hosting, and having already bought the domain (your URL). If you haven’t, then I can guide you how to do it, insha’Allah.

Does ‘Starter Kit’ package cover the costs of domain and hosting?

No, it doesn’t cover those expenses. You’ll have to budget for them separately.